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According to Bell, quatum theories need an underlying symmetry or some fundamental rule that is required - else their sums wouldn't work. I've said this before. What is now evident is that the magnetic field may provide just such a uniform field - a single particle moving in one direction inside an orbiting string with many such strings making that field. There is certainly a breathtaking symmetry - not only to the strings, but in their inter relationship with each particle and with each particle in that bigger field. Just a whole lot of necklaces of magnetic dipoles spinning in space and moving at speed and simply distributing their particles in a really balanced way to ensure that the whole field has a balanced charge.

Now I need to suggest something else. Let us assume that 'in the beginning' there was nothing but this great big toroid - a whole universe of these particles. Imagine, if you will, that each string is so long that it wraps around and inside all of space. It takes the shape of an enormous toroid and this is the boundary, so to speak, of all that is or was. Just a great big magnetic field. The question is this. What would happen then if through some chance event one of those dipoles separated from each other and became free moving magnetic monopoles? Or what would happen if one of those strings broke - or if God Himself reached in and simply snipped one of those necklaces apart? Here's the proposal. Those little dipoles are simply little magnets. They'd be somehow expelled from that very uniform arrangement - that balanced condition inside the toroid - and the string would simply tumble together, like the magnets they are - and they would congregate in some form or some condition that no longer was able to 'manage' that orbit - that uniform charge distribution - in the initial magnetic field. In effect it would generate a 'singularity' and it would result in something that looks like a nebula.


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