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Which all seems to indicate much about a magnetic field but says nothing about the relevance to current flow. Indulge me. I have tried to describe current flow in isolation and the exercise failed. It seems the links in these arguments are required.

As a brief overview it's been proposed that a magnetic field may comprise magnetic dipolar tachyons that orbit in coherent and structured fields that comprise strings that conjoin to form circles which then orbit with a single justification. These particles obey the laws of charge.

Now I need to reference the actual orbit itself and must do so with reference to Bell's theorems. I know nothing about the math. All I understand with perfect clarity - is his conclusion. 'The statistical predictions of the quantum theories ...cannot be upheld with local hidden variables.' What this says is that unless there is some perfect symmetry - something that is invariably applied at the most profound and elementary level - then quantum mechanics would have failed. And it has not failed. Their predictions are precisely accurate in all aspects and to extraordinary degrees of accuracy. Therefore the question is this. What is that 'invariable' condition of the field that calls for the consistency required to make quantum theories so accurate?