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And here we return to those laws of charge. If the strings themselves have a perfect charge distribution being north to south - head to toe - all the way along the length of each circle then the adjacent strings would also have that same distribution. If the one magnetic dipole were aligned with an adjacent string where its magnetic dipole corresponded with that of the first string - then the two norths and the two souths - placed as they would be, shoulder to shoulder, would repel each other. The one may move away from that 'like charge' and in moving it also moves all the magnetic dipoles in that string. This need to adjust and re-adjust would involve a cascading series of interactions that would propel all the strings in the entire field to continually orbit. In effect the field, compring more than one closed string of orbiting magnetic dipoles may be compelled to continually adjust its position and the combined effect would induce that extraordinary velocity that keeps the particles themselves from detection by light.

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