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And another point about magnets. They always move in a straight line away from or towards another magnet - depending on their polar or charge positions. This indicates that they also obey the laws of charge. In the same way it is proposed that these magnetic dipoles also obey the laws of charge.

It has been proposed that the magnetic dipoles are moving at pace - so much so that light itself cannot find them. In as much as it is proposed that they form closed strings then these strings must be orbiting - and orbiting at some extreme velocity that outpaces a photon. Something more than 300 000 kilometers per second. But more to the point. If the north stays north and the south stays south then those fields must also be orbiting in the same direction. To keep to that coherence of charge that is evident in a magnetic field then there must also be a shared justification. They must thereby move in synch and in step always from the north and to the south and then through the magnet from the south and to the north - and so on. Forever.

But why move at all? Could it be that the field is somehow steady and having reached a rest state - some condition of perfectly balanced charge distribution then the field simply becomes static? This would conflict with the evidence. If the field were static we would be able to find those particles. Light would, of necessity bounce off them in some way to expose them. Therefore it is proposed that it is their velocity combined with their size that renders them invisible. So the question then is what is it in the field that renders it unable to reach this 'rest state'.

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