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Now I have to take a detour. Bear with me. It's been suggested that a magnetic field may contain particles but we have never seen those particles. Not ever. But why should they be invisible? Here's what the model argues. If any particle were smaller than a photon - and if they were faster than a photon - then photons, or light itself, would never find those particles. They would remain hidden from view. The analogy drawn is to wind that we can't see blowing a balloon that we can see. Just forever out of reach. This means that light is not so much the limit of all that is measurable. Just that light is the boundary limit of WHAT we can measure. The speed of light may simply be the boundary limit of our measurable dimensions.

A particle that exceeds light speed is a tachyon and they are purely theoretical. They are not actually presumed to exist. The model argues that this magnetic dipole is a tachyon and that they do indeed exist and they exist in a field.

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