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After winding and rewinding several different coils, I have built one that I sort of like (for now). I had previously built a SSG with a 26+24 AWG so I used that as a base for a coil. On top of that I wound trifilar 20 AWG as power coil.

The motor works ok I suppose, what I'm wondering about is why do we need to tie all the multi-filar strands in the power coil together in parallel (for the circuit that does not have transistor per each coil)?
When I keep them parallel I get about 100V radiant spikes, but when I tie them in series then I get little over 400V. Isn't it better to have higher potential?

Are we looking for less or more resistance in the power coil? What about the trigger coil, should that be on a higher resistance?

Also, the conclusion I came to is that 2N3055 is a joke compared to MJL21194 and that even for beginning circuits everyone should use the later. There's just a magnitude of quality difference between the two that cannot be ignored. My motor just purrrrs nicer with MJL21194 and can be fine tuned to a better degree than with 2N3055.

Next I'm adding this Cap Pulse Timer circuit (link from Bedini_SG Yahoo group, I'd figure most of you are members there, no?) , has anyone else built this one and has any experiences to share?

Oh forgot to add this. I built this coil and it worked (sort of because I did not wind to that size but smaller) but only if I pointed it in reverse (power coils toward the rotor). It was producing all kinds of strange sounds and would draw quite a current (1-2A sometimes). Somehow I could tune it down to 400mA and I'd get over 300V radiant spikes as well.

Funny thing is that I have never seen my NE-2 bulb light up (dimly) when I touch the collector of the transistor on other setups except this one, and there was no primary or secondary batteries connected.
Is this normal behaviour and does it happen for you or did I stumble upon something unexpected?

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