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I think that most readers on this thread have agreed that extra energy is evident. Some extraordinary work has been done by Aaron, Dr Stiffler, Bedini and many others to prove this. The question at issue is 'where does this energy come from'. Generally most people point to zero point energy but that does little to actually describe what it is nor it's precise location in space.

And the confusions related to current flow are everywhere. Some highly respected academics still attribute this exclusively to a flow of electrons. Others more conveniently simply refer to 'charge' flow - but are not able to describe the properties of that charge. Charge is associated with the properties of particles and they are always positive, negative or neutral. Charge does not occur without this particle association. So. To refer to charge without describing what is charged is no better than pointing at wind without reference to atomospheric pressure or even to the atomic or molecular components and densities in the air itself.

The question is this. What is the particle that is responsible for current flow if current flow actually also has the property of charge. In other words, what exactly is charged?

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