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@ Aaron,

You are absolutely right about readily energy reduction costs via good insulation, utilization of solar panels for heating, and other energy effective methods. All ok... but

IMO this therad its not about energy savings. it is discussed what the 10-coiler perfected by Bedini can do.

What can do?

Formal statements will be a nice thing to see.
Battery rejuvenator, energizer (charger) and?

No overunity claims, still COP over 1 claims... in what sense? Is it a heat pump? The charging and mechanical effect combined can result in COP >1 ??

Many people here, including myself are tend to think strictly and based on specifications. In order to consider 4,000 USD a good price, we must know exactly what it can do.

If the statements cannot be met, refunds should be made. As with all products on the market. Plain and simple. Honest deals...

ps: I said IF it was an OU machine, self sustainable plus providing useful output, the 4.000 USD will be a very reasonable price and i would consider buying one
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