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Hi All,

I think for those who are about to go 100% solar and/or wind power for there homes or farms, this is a great price. Plus the US dollar is down the ****ter (sorry guys) so depending on where you hang your hat, there are savings to be made in the exchange rate.

Think about it. The cost of the energiser will be covered by the fact that you don't need as many solar panels when using them in conjunction with other power sources to power the energiser. Solar panels purchased at the retail level are a massive rip-off, so you would be spending that much anyway.

As far as building the unit goes, it's not like you have to wind the coils yourself. It also has printed circuit boards, how hard can it be!

I think I'll be getting one by years end. (Maybe I'll just get the PCB's and replace the circuits on my large energiser. Actually I think I'll do that regardless )


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