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Just as an overview - I've covered the fact that there is very little known about the properties of charge or current flow. What is known is 'inferred' knowledge as the actual material of electric current flow remains as 'hidden' today as it was in the times of Faraday. But nor is there any question as to the comprehensive nature of what is actually known about the electromagnetic interaction. The use of this force is, self-evidently, the single most incontrovertibly well understood and well used of all the forces. It has taken us to the moon, to Mars and even beyond our own solar system. It has also enabled the tools of mass communication that has engendered a kind of 'latter day' Tower of Babel. And the tower is high, so high that it stretches beyond our stratosphere and into the delicately exquisite instrumentation in our orbiting satellites. But there is an outstanding question as to whether we are dealing with a secondary force or a primary force. The proposal here is that a magnet on magnet interaction does not invariably induce an electric field. Yet an electric field cannot manifest without a corresponding magnetic field. Perhaps therefore the magnetic field is a primary force. And if so, then - being as it is hidden from view, how can we better extend our knowledge of this force. What tools can be used to expose hidden properties in the field that can be inferred to be consistent with its evident and manifold effects?

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