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The actual intention of this field model was to explore the possibility of there being a single elementary force. Was there something - one simple principle - that somehow governed all the forces - something that could account for the nuclear forces, for the electromagnetic interactions and for the effects of gravity? The possibility that this could be found was and is seductive. It would point to the real possibility that energy itself could be uncovered and that this, in turn would reveal some underlying principle that governed all the forces. And a magnetic force was an ideal candidate precisely because it had been so entirely overlooked. It is a field that is widely used, but little understood, well known in general but mysterious in its particular. What was needed were some tools of logic, whereby the properties of magnetism would be 'inferred' very much in the same way that our mainstream scientists had 'inferred' so much about the properties of atoms and particles. Mainstream, however, had the advantage of dealing with what is measurable and evidential. What was now needed was to unravel the properties of something that remained hidden from view - something invisible - something possibly on a scale of 'small' that even exceeded the miniscule and intangible properties of the atom itself.

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