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It is a little known truth that no-one actually knows what electric current is - let alone how or why it flows. In the same way no-one knows what causes gravity. These both, together with the strong and weak nuclear forces, are lumped together - very broadly, under the term 'forces'. And a force is known to be that something that can be used to give energy. But here's the thing. Nor does anyone actually know what energy is. You get whole divisions within universities dedicated to the study of clean energy, reusable energy, reticulated, recycled, economic, efficient, green - all in depth discussions and all about energy. Yet not one of these academic experts actually knows what energy is - the thing itself. Ask them and they will waffle on about 'change' or they will point to measurements that boggle the mind with their predictable accuracies. But energy? The thing that flows, that lights your light, that heats your stove, that gives you the will to learn, walk, wake up in the mornings, that thing? No-one actually knows what it is. All we know today is roughly where to find it, and exactly how to exploit it.

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