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I'm going to try this again.

The discovery of dark matter belongs to someone? One day I'll look it up. The development of string theorists is the only branch of physics that can reach a unifying principle. But they do not know where those strings are or even how they're shaped. I have a strange proposal that links these two fields of study. NO BIGGIE as I've mentioned before. And as the sun sets in the west - this will be attacked and modified and conditioned - as required - in the painful process of academic argument. Fortunately I do not need to be party to the argument. I only need to explain where the link is. My name will never be associated with this except in some bazaar way - at best. Far better minds than mine will do what is required here.

Then if this is published - does not mean it's right - it means it will be discussed. But if there is any kind of consensus ever reached and it's in favour of the thesis, then no-one will be able to patent this. Because the technology to advance this is already in the public domain. That is why I am so anxious to keep this tenuous link with the Quantum paper which links to the patent which links to the thesis. It's a package deal.

I think what is happening here is the assumption that my thesis will be established. It will NOT. But it sure as hell will be a contender. And that will be a good thing for Open Source. On so many levels. I am not sure why this general concern to be disassociated. If the concern is that I will be famous - and I am promoting myself. I have no idea if I will be famous. But I do know that I'm in for a gruelling attack if this is published and that I do not relish the attention. And more to the point I will need to - at it's least - know that there is some shelter here on these forums. I never expected this experiment of mine to garner so much publicity or attention. I swear to you all that I only discovered this interest in challenging the energy barriers at the beginning of last year - 13 months ago. I thought my blog spot would simply lie forgotten in the dusty pages of the internet archives.

Glen's replication will be linked to every reference of that thesis if it is promoted as a replication. If it is advanced as a 'discovery' it will be up for grabs and lost forever as competing interests claim some variation of this dicovery. And I will be left fighting a rear guard action trying to advise the world that we've already found this and that it's already patented - I'VE DONE IT AGAIN. It's already been published in the patent archives and is now in the public domain - is what I mean.

That is why I insist that this is a replication. Else, believe me I would have moved on.

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