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Originally Posted by downunder View Post
Yes, I am still reading this thread. It still seems apparent to me that:

1. Rosemary was under the impression from the start that any attempted replications would ultimately support her thesis if successful.

2. The people trying to replicate Rosemary's circuit were either unaware of the thesis, or simply more interested in trying to replicate the high COP effect.

Rosemary, when you make comments like the one quoted above, it is like throwing fuel on a fire. It serves only to sustain the highly emotional argument that I am sure is upsetting to all involved. This applies to everyone that has made personal attacks throughout this argument.

I believe that everyone involved in this argument is really on the same side... the side that wants to give the world better energy alternatives. This argument is not about dark motives or big egos... it is about misunderstandings that snowball until the argument is a huge avalanche of destruction that is crushing all your hard work.

Everyone involved simply needs to calmly, clearly and politely present what they want to come out of this collaboration. Make a concise list in point form and avoid ambiguous language and personal attacks. If this can be done without throwing fuel on the fire of the argument, then I believe you will find a lot of common ground.

Try to treat each other as you would close friends, family members or spouses. If you can't get past arguments and misunderstandings in every day life then you lose friends, families are dysfunctional, and divorces eventuate.

Those involved in this argument need to stop looking at each other as the enemy, and remember that you are all on the same side, fighting for a brighter future for our planet and the human race.
Ok downunder. Again impeccable advice. Here's my list.

Acknowledgement that this was a replication.
Publication of the experiment as a replication.
I cannot be associated with the paper if it is published in TIE as a replication therefore I withdraw as author
If it is published in any other journal I may be able to be author. I reserve my rights.
I will forge ahead and publish my own paper in a physics journal.
All collaborators already invited but with constrained collaboration rights. And this to ensure that I never go through this fandango again.