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Regarding the test apparatus.

I have never been called on to produce the circuit apparatus until members of this forum required it. It would have helped them no doubt. But I dismantled my apparatus when I sent the fluke, the multimeter and the digitial display devices to Aaron. I said then that I would not again be doing any further experiments. It had dominated many years of life. My eyesight was deteriorating. And I had lost all appetite for this, having done it so extensively for so many years preceding. Also I no longer had the optimised resistor as one of our team had taken this for independant testing. I do not, however, have to apologise for this. It is just a matter of fact. I believe that the other circuit component parts are readily available. And there is nothing to prevent a replication. What is required is a patience in searching for the optimised settings on any particular resistor. I found very few that did not exceed COP>2. Nor did I take photographs because it did not occur to me that this would be required. There is a second 'box' or apparatus set up that was sent to ABB Research. I also don't know what has happened to that apparatus. Glen and Harvey are aware of this. They know the circumstances intimately. This argument is being used to discredit the claim. The truth is I have never undertaken to produce any circuitry. And I no longer had the apparatus nor the tools to measure. this put paid to any further attempts at replication. And frankly, I was rather anxious that a wide variety of resistors would be used and tested. That's the only way the more precise inductance values will ever be established.

Between the actual Quantum publication and the new paper prepared for the IET was a total of 7 years. It was a miracle that the apparatus survived the 3 changes of address that I had. It was substantially degraded and there was evident rust on the switch. The switch - in any event - had to be rebuilt and at the end of Donovan's final replication done for the IET paper - I effectively gave the resistor and some inductors to a friend - involved in those same tests under Donny's supervision. The box was banged up and he wanted to 'start again'. Thereafter I willingly dismantled for Aaron. That's the history of the apparatus. Frankly I was glad to see the last of it. Do testing yourselves, obsessively for years on end and see if you would not share that sentiment. And I am not an experimenter. My interests are in the theory.

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