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Regarding The Fequency

Harvey has argued that the distinctions in the waveforms, being the inductance(8.64uH) conflicting with the turns ratio and geometry quoted - and variations in the applied frequencies and duty cycles constitute sufficient cause to represent a material departure from the original circuit for Glen's test to constitute an independent discovery. The possible circuit variations and frequency tests were further listed in the PCT application which from memory, was sent to everyone sometime in October 2009.

These arguments are spurius. In the first instance it must be remembered that my own familiarity with the appropriate waveform was only ever evident through the Fluke oscilloscope at my disposal. My personal reference to the appropriate tuning was to look for what I also referred to as a 'shadow cycle'. This collaboration elected to refer to this as a 'preferred mode of oscillation'. It is a unique waveform and however it is described it has - associated with it - a unique series of harmonics that take the shape of a 'picket fence' with the regularity of the 'fence' structure dependent on the frequency at which it resonates. The details of the 'fence' are not as evident within the constraints of the Fluke display. Donovan Martin, however, was involved with replicating the experiment briefly, before helping me with the submission of our paper to the IET in January of 2009. Unlike me he had access to a Tektronix TDS3054B DPO and himself studied the appropriate waveforms and harmonics on the same type of instrument as was made available to Glen. The waveform pattern, however it is described, is exactly the same as that which is evident on the equipment made available to Glen. Indeed my application to Tektronix was for precisely this instrument so that Donovan would be able to assist in identifying the required pattern if required. Also, the pattern itself was very much more evident on the Tektronix than on the Fluke due to its increased bandwidth capacity.