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Glen. Your response here is unfortunate.

I again put it to you - my intentions and involvement with this experiment were for purposes of replicating the COP 17 claim that Aaron brought under discussion. I had no ulterior motives, nor do I entertain ulterior motives. I am very sorry indeed that you presume this. I am entirely innocent of all that you are claiming.

I am very sorry it has come to this. I still do not understand why this issue is of any material importance to the paper. I have advised you that you are free to write the paper without my authorship if that is what you require. I put it on record that your involvement here was as a replication. I reserve the right to argue this in public as you made this an issue of public notice. That is all I wish to state.

I also put on record that your skills in exposing this effect are exemplary and that your presentation of the data equally so. I am very glad for your help and your assistance whether it was intended or not. And I wish you no ill will. Frankly, I still do not understand what it is you are objecting to. Clearly you are angered. Clearly I do not know why. And clearly I do not deserve this abuse.