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Originally Posted by jibbguy View Post
Thomas Edison was not a member of the mainstream when he started out, nor were the Wright Brothers nor was Tesla.
Exactly. And nor was Einstein. Good heavens. You have bought into the conviction that this model of mine is irrelevant. I've yet to hear of any model this radically different from classical concepts that has ever been accepted at inception. Between Brownian Motion and the General Theory of Relativity lapsed many, many years. Just don't knock the model unless you also understand it. And please don't impose extraneous standards required for its promotion. I know perfectly well what is needed to promote it.

Originally Posted by jibbguy View Post
And in fact, although Tesla's AC system is the most widely accepted means of generation and transmission of energy ever seen in History... his ideas on physics were totally ignored and still are to this day.
Telsa patented his ideas. They enriched him and his investors. A patent at that time was considered in the same way as a paper published in a reviewed journal is considered today. He had great academic respect. He fought for commercial support. This is not a valid parallel. His only attack came from those with conflicting and vested commercial interests.