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Originally Posted by jibbguy View Post
There is a strong possibility, that the effect will eventually gain greater public awareness while the Model is ignored. It may not be "fair", but that's the way it is.
This is impossible. And the issue of fairness or otherwise is irrelevant. New technology either emerges from outside mainstream or from within. But no technology ever remains without incoporation into mainstream. And mainstream do not always get it right. And we've been paying for some critical oversights by mainstream with the health of our planet and the future of our civilisations. And I'm not even overstating it. I wish I were.

Originally Posted by jibbguy View Post
For a new model of physics to be accepted or even seriously considered, it must come from a fairly-well respected member of the mainstream scientific community... as Einstein and Issac Newton were. That is just the way it is.
With the utmost respect Jibbs, this is JUST NOT TRUE. There is no requirement whatsoever that a thesis is required to come from mainstream. Einstein himself wrote his paper on Brownian Motion when he was a patent's clerk and he was, at that time, entirely unqualified in physics. Those observations alone rocked the world of science and were immediately recognised on publication. He came from nowhere and was unqualified. His qualifications followed after.