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Originally Posted by area46241 View Post
I thought the whole idea here was that resonance and back emf was producing heat and some energy excitement and not the other way around?
Didn't somebody replicate the effect?
Hi area. Sorry I didn't answer you. There WAS a replication of the effect. But Glen is claiming this as his own 'discovery'. Sadly. The implications are alarming. What we're now looking at is a mad grab at ownership of the intellectual property.

I'm sort of relying on open source to protect their rights here. The effect belongs to the world. It does not belong to Glen. Nor does it belong to Glen and Harvey. And they want it. But so do others. And more to the point, so WILL others. It's that 'mad up for grabs' bit that's good and bad. With that much interest is also that much endorsement.

THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT CLEARLY WE HAVE FINALLY BROKEN THROUGH THE ENERGY BARRIERS. Because this is what happens when there's radically new technology emerging. Look at how Telsa had to fight. Just seems to be an historical necessity. Not even Open Source seem to be able to resist the lure. Kindly people turn into monsters when that lure gets too strong. Golly.

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