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And one last point to our readers and members.

Get it that Harvey and Glen are trying to imply some vanity that I have associated with my model. The idea is to let you think that there is some pique at not emphasising my model. It's easy to 'suggest' and 'attribute motives'. But nothing here could be further from the truth. The insights in my model may eventually be pretty far reaching. I do hope so. But I want the thesis to be advanced by mainstream. it belongs to academics and it's best protection is with academics. They don't have interest in intellectual property rights as a rule.

In any event, I've discovered nothing. At best I've found a link to two known established theories being String theories and their unifying principle and dark energy which everyone's looking for. And that's what's unique. This test of mine proves that link. That's it's first value. The second value is that it has been put into the public domain by virtue of my lapse in registering a patent. Which means that it belongs to the general public and no-one can patent it ever. Which may be a good thing. I hope so. I'd be sorry if some opportunistic attempt at patenting this simple switching circuit also left us with the obligation to fund a new monopolist. God forbid. I'm sure we've all had enough of them.

So rest assured. I do not want the test to be acknowedged as a replication for any purposes of vanity. I'm way too old and way too past caring. What I want is to ensure that no-one tries to muscle in here. Just not on. And certainly not in the spirit of open source. Golly.

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