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Cleaning up the mess

If we could at least get back to the particulars and leave the bickering for emails please. What journal is suitable, PHYSICS ONLY Cause of THE WAY ITS WRITTEN, dont forget your dealing with particulars which alienate it from CONVENTIONAL categories (Even the physics, dark matter and others are never used in energy transformation etc).

I dont see the point of all that is going on, i would like to know th what and how it could be in TIE if WRITTEN IN A RENEWABLE ENERGY CATEGORY WAY. If not then all the bickering is just going to be that and no one learns any thing. That's only to get the technology known and not only Rose's exclusive model if that's the main aim now, i think we should try and find a balance, if it got into TIE then at least the positive interest is there for the physics of it. Rose can win also.

Cant adapt it for TIE?

Okay If its only going to be physics cause of all the magnetic model and zippons? etc, and / OR also Harvey's additions?, Then we are stuck with conflicting physics which will also conflict with CONVENTIONAL understanding just like Steorn do. Dark matter etc, well i will state with all my experience and study that if that is the case and direction now then Replications will have to support the model more.

That's why i wanted to wait till may, to get more replications WHICH FORCE THE ACADEMIA TO COME TO YOU. I know as i have talked to them. MORE HARD DATA FROM REPLICATIONS.

Wait till you see the developers licenses go out in Feb from Steorn, and wait for the OPEN SOURCE WRATH...the same thing will happen. Watch your non profit org do it.

ROSE -Aaron and Glen, replicated due to their own aptitude and theories, not taking any thing away from you, it was the same with Harvey came up with his views etc, in this Genre it helps replications which is the only thing that can move open source FREE energy forward, REPLICATIONS, Academia can be forced to take notice this way.

please consider this. We need some positive interests, with HARD DATA, theories can be delayed but not HARD DATA.

Black like power had to do it that way, i am only saying that the likely hood of this model of yours being done to perfection still needs collaboration Rose, PLEASE DON'T WASTE IT, just think of the paper, we are here to help, but now Glen has no scope , Harvey is ready to jump off a bridge and you are getting your self very worked up.

I think we could do both , but with out replications the open source FREE energy model cannot move forward.

TIE should be more supportive given the nature and magnitude of this technology, i have seen today another case file where the mainstream shunned a proven device, and you wonder why every second post of mine is about us getting our own non profit R and D center.

Lets all find a way to get back on track, i am sorry readers here have had to endure this.


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