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Here is my perspective.

I learned of your circuit from Peter.

I started the thread.

It took off and there were "skeptics".

I jumped in to see what the deal was and built a circuit.

My personal goal was always to get the heat gains in the circuit
as claimed by the Quantum article. I wasn't trying to prove any
model by doing that. When I got the Textronix, I was using it
for my purpose of documenting the results of the circuit experiment
and not to prove your model.

You obviously can see that some of the results support your model,
that is a side benefit of the result. I'm glad that some of my experiments
and Glens and anyone else's help lend support to your model, but that
isn't the intention behind those experiments. AND it is important to see
that just because that isn't the experimenter's intention, it doesn't give
any less support to your model!

Your own circuit build was to support your model, but that is because the
purpose of you doing your circuit was to prove your model.

I told you long ago that most people in this forum wants to see a circuit
and build it and why it works isn't priority. It is a practical thing to be
able to have a heater circuit with gains and it can be developed more
thoroughly I'm sure.

It still supports your model anyway even if that isn't the circuit builder's
intention. You have a lot going for you and congratulations are in order
for inspiring such an incredible journey that has taken place here.

There is more to do and learn and having a paper to document the
results that references the inspiration as being the Quantum circuit,
which in turn was inspired by your model, then all the better!
Aaron Murakami