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Would someone like to circle number 1 for him showing the water inlet. The gases that are called "ambient air gases" are gases that are dissolved in water at the time when the water is being broken down and are nothing more than trace gases and can be ignored. Did you look up the solubility table of gases in water Aaron as I requested you to do? Sure doesn't look like you did when you see the real numbers you are saying are vital to producing thermo explosive energy. Solubility of Gases in Water

Notice that it is a gram of gas per 1 kilogram of water, noting that there is from .03 to .01 grams of N2 in the temperature range from 0 to 60 degrees C, and how many grams of hydrogen and oxygen are in 1 kilogram of water? Do you need me to solve that one for you telling you how many grams of hydrogen and oxygen are in 1 kg of water? Now do you see what I mean when I call them trace gases? Follow the science not the NDA team!