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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
I just put this together... it is in almost all his patents including the
hydrogen gas gun ones.

READ IT - "other gasses formerly dissolved in the water".

That means Meyer bubbled nitrogen or ambient air in the water before
"electrolyzing" it. That is EXACTLY what formerly dissolving other
gasses in the water means.

There is NO question that Meyer was using nitrogen in the process
AND also recycling the exhaust.

How much gas is dissolved in water? It's a very minute amount of the total gas that can be produce from that water Aaron and the higher the temps the less gases can be dissolved in water( the use of the Steam Resonator is to heat up the water remember?). That was a good try to say that Nitrogen is in the system of the Hydrogen Gas Gun, but you need to look up the solubility table of gases in aqueous solutions. There is a reason why you have to keep a soda pop cold. But this goes to show my point in that this is more of a lack of understanding of basic scientific principles, like for example; the solubility of gases in water, than anything else.

Listen I will leave you and the NDA team alone, I just wanted everyone to see with there own eyes that Meyers systems didn't have nitrogen in them. For even the one with the rocket retrofits has two tanks hooked up to the system, one full of oxygen and the other full of hydrogen, there is no third tank full of nitrogen in that system. Again this is for everyone else reading this thread to digest on their own. As you start to look at the work of Stanley Meyer see it for what it is and at first give the patent a real try before jumping ship. I work at my own pace and for most that pace is too slow for them. But the way I see it we all have are own work to do, but unlike this thread at the end of the ride you will get slapped with a NDA for results, and from my side you will get everything freely given to you with no strings attached. You can easily go ahead of me as I have a fixed budget to work from since I have already given the math and science that goes along with it. The controlling circuit was the last part that needed to be worked out so now that it done testing can begin. Remember to use the methods of science with your work so others can duplicate you findings as you pass on the freedom of energy independence to your fellow man. Take care and God Bless everyone for now it is a question of choice, and the final way you choose to go is totally up to you

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