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Originally Posted by Farside View Post
Hi all,
I just wanted to say HI. I discovered Stans work last week and just spent the last 48 hours reading this thread (the last 10 pages I'm sorry I couldn't follow - the freedom circuit debugging...)

I think I just got the steepest learning curve brain dump in history!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that from the perspective of a newbie with electronics and physics knowledge, your explanations are clear and they make sense.

Please don't let the "noise" defocus you all.

I've spent the past 2 years studying what you are calling the collapse. I keep my login online so you can track me down if you want. Please don't let this issue take away your focus. It goes much deeper than you think.

I noticed you mentioned after you have this technology sorted you plan on investigating the trade towers? JMHO but is there anything positive to gain from that? If I may be so bold as to suggest something more beneficial to mankind? I am thinking of the work of a man called Martin Armstrong (no, I'm not him). I think you would find it fascinating.

Anyway, I would love to join this war and as soon as I have some other prior commitments dealt with then I certainly will. In the meantime, I wish you all the best and I'll be following your progress.

Good luck and God speed.

Thanks Farside,

I am glade that you found this thread and can see what has been done here. I will try to keep my head up with all of the negativity I get from just about all turns even from people you would expect too know better like Aaron. That last bit about me not wanting him to post on this thread was totally uncalled for. All I ask for everyone to do is look at how the theory of Nitrogen being transformed into nitrous oxide by the Gas Processor is in direct confrontation with the conservation of mass and chemical science. Even the information they game me to read says that is true. Nitrogen in the presence of oxygen will not turn into this atomic nitrogen they speak of, and it says this right in the information they gave me to read. Furthermore the device know as the Gas Gun did not have any nitrogen flowing through the Gas Processor as it was directly connected to the gas processor and the source of water going into the stacked resonant cavities. And we all know that the Gas Gun was to demonstrate the atomic power of the water being tapped into by this technology. Pity none of the tapes of the Gas Gun in operation have found there way into You Tube so everyone could see the Gas Gun doing it's thing. But the point is the Gas Gun produced thermal explosive energy and did so without Nitrogen gas in the system, other than minute amounts dissolved in the water that got released when the water was broken down by the stacked resonant cavities into hydrogen and oxygen.

But if you have any question concerning the technology please feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer them. And if I can't I am sure others will be able to help answer your questions if you have some. The technology is not all that hard but things have to be done the right way and the controlling circuit is a big part of how that is to be done. Plus I will look up Martin Armstrong and see what it is you want me to see with his work.