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you raise an interesting point about startegy of implementation and release of information. I agree that many technologiea and even more knowledge has been hidden away from us (I'd say we have been robbed of it) by corporate interests, but what are we supposed to do instead?

Do you have a clue on how to resolve our current predicament? I freely admit that I surely don't have a clue, if I compare myself to Eric and his knowledge and understanding of Tesla. I might know other things better than Eric, but so what, that does not give me the answer we all seek, which seems to be in Tesla's work.

Hoping that someone will somehow stumble upon a solution is stupidiculous and in this thinking we are no better than peasants in feudal Spain or France of 15th Century who believed the Earth was flat. The fact that we are all "hoping" for a solution to happen is silly, to say the least. Hope is a wish for the future that never comes.

We need to move away from the age of belief to the age of knowing, and since only a few have the "know" we must invest in those individuals. They will in turn teach the rest of us, so everyone else "knows", rather than continuing to believe, as is the case right now.
Yes, I have the solution. It is simple, and has been right in front you for many years. Eric dollard describes it in his writings.

I have tried to explain it to you all in another topic line here. I also came along ten years ago, and tried then, but without a full understanding myself, I failed.

Now, I get it. Are you ready?