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I just read the document about Eric that phi1.62 posted and it disturbed me greatly. Eric is such a great potential, and has been for a long time, yet it appears he can barely make the ends meet.

Whether he lives like this on purpose or not, I can not say. Personally I feel that he does not want to "sell out" to the corporate interests and thus chooses to do what he loves, instead of having a day job that might pay him fair amount but would in turn kill his free spirit.

What boils my nooodle is that there are thousands of people in this so-called Free Energy field, you, me, everyone else, rookies and amateurs alike. We spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on our dinky experiments in this quest for the solution, yet we do not have a single clue what we are doing, whatsoever. (I challenge you to prove me wrong)

On the other hand we have someone right there in Eric who I believe could deliver what we all seek, but has no funding or support to do so. If all of us would fund him instead of wasting money on our measly attempts we would've gotten somewhere probably.

I know I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on equipment, parts and what not without getting any closer to the answer. I can't even calculate the time that was spent and how much that might be worth.

In retrospect, maybe I should've somehow given Eric that money instead, to do research into Tesla related technologies. My lame understanding of Tesla can not hold water compared to Eric's and, even now I'd be willing to give up my attempts if they would help someone else like him produce results.

Lastly, what is this talk about Eric P. Dollard inventing the Log-Periodic Antenna?!?!?

From page 10 of that document, second paragraph:
In the early 1980s, Dollard presented his findings about a "log-periodic antenna," which he invented, to a group of engineers at the Institute of Electical Electronic Engineers in Chicago.
I mean we are talking about THE Log-periodic antenna, something that in my opinion revolutionized the antenna world and changed it forever.

If this is true, is Eric even recognized for it and how come he did not benefit from his great invention?
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