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Thanks Alex!

Thanks Tutanka!

I copy and pasted all your posts from the Stanley Meyer Explained thread
into a document. EVERY post. It is 97 pages long and I'm talking about
ONLY your posts!

Anyway, I hope to see others in this thread paraphrasing your concepts
to validate their/my understanding of what you're saying and then some

You've been generous with your sharing and I wish I would have seen
your posts since last March! lol


Anyway, I'd recommend anyone that is interested in this to do the same
and take a second or third look at what Alex is saying. Copy his posts
and look at the consistent thread of logic he is saying.

There are diagrams, concepts, etc... shouldn't be too hard for anyone
to make a simple block diagram with the sequence of events and the
parts to do it.

If anyone wants to discuss other ideas about ionization, feel free to start
a new thread. The purpose of this one is really to focus on the very
specific methodology that Alex is involved with.
Aaron Murakami

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