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Originally Posted by sebosfato View Post
Ok Aron

I'm going to write here something that i wrote on meyer explained thread and have being moderated

You need a energy source!

What does it mean?

It means that for doing work or to ionize a gas you need electricity. A bunch of it, because of the law of thermodynamics. H20 think that only high voltage 0 amps can ionize the oxygen. Well i say thats not the way. The fact that you get oxygen ionized to its 4 potential don't mean anything because you have used the same amount of energy it will take out.

Instead you need to find an energy source.

Lets us thin about how a nuclear plant work.

don't it boil the water and pass it thru a turbine. Recovering 58% of the evaporation energy in electrical energy?

Now we have h2 02 being generated in a cell, its production is independent of pressure. So a lot of gas at a relatively low temperature.
Lets say we should need 3,600watts to transform 1 liter of water into h2 and 02. it will become 1800 liters of gas +- If you heat this gas it will expand further. If we use a turbine we can recover energy lets say 58% of the 3.600 watts used (2100watts recovered) so if you put the electrical energy back to the cell you will need only 1500 watts to generate the same amount of gas. Now think that using a car you can use the car temperature to increase the pressure thus to use the heat to generate more energy.

if we could recover 75% of electrical energy you would need only 900watts to split the same amount of water.

This is one way.

Stan used the The epg as source of energy too. Some of it he Used on the gas processor. And the gas processor have the ability to generate electrical energy too.LOL

(H2o don't have a point of view he is just arrogant)

This is freedom ARON

I'm explaining this because the patent that explains it is on public domain and it explains it very well so i can share with you.

I already have a technology 100 times more efficient but is now something Real realizable for you all as a gift from me.

If you want to help me ! HELP is needed!
It make no sense to say it takes 3600W to split 1 liter of water without stating how long you input that effect. Take care of the units.

If your technology is sound and correct, why don't you just tell us.

If you are bound by NDAs so you really can't tell anything, your numerous posts are just waste of other members time.

I don't see the point in insulting opponents while explaining your stuff. Solid arguments will do.

So please stop insulting other members. If you continue this behavior, I will consider you a troublemaker not having the same goal as the rest of us.

It would also look better if you took the effort to spell Aaron's name correctly.

I already have a technology 100 times more efficient but is now something Real realizable for you all as a gift from me.
Can you explain how the technology can be a gift, when you ask for money. "Technology for sale" sounds more correct to me.

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