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Originally Posted by boguslaw View Post
are you trying to replicate Richard Willis device from magnacoaster ?
Hi Boguslaw

NO, this is something that is similar to Dr. Stiffler and others were working on, ECAT, MEG etc but involves the Rosemary theory which you need to read so as you can understand a little of how it works.

This circuit goes into a self oscillation all of its own when an input frequency is applied, the resulting frequencies (many) circulate in a pump action creating what looks like on a scope (noise) but it is not. According to the Dr. the energy is drawn in between the primary and secoundary of the power coil, at the moment I go along with Rosemary's model.

There are so many things that have been done by people and to be honnest there are few if any that know 100% where this energy comes from, "but it does". There are many names floated about, the lattice, for one, but what is the lattice, again read Rosemary's model and you might find that it fits.

I go along with Dr. Stiffler that it is brought in, but how, the normal electron theory does not seem to or can not be applied. Here in this forum we have proved over cop 1, now what we need to do is to put it to good use

If you can give me a link to the magnacoaster set up then I may be able to say it is similar or not as I have not read anything on this, only heard about it and I have too much to do on my own work.