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Originally Posted by Michael John Nunnerley View Post
Hi Rosemary and Gibbguy

You should be able to see the video, it was recorded, so if you go into livestream, it will be the last recorded, just over 1hr.

Here you will see me light a 240v, 25w bulb, it gets very hot even though it is not to absolute brightness (right at the end of the video). It is straight off the secoundary of the power transformer, AC at about 200v or so under load, this is difficult to measure as it seems to be a very funny AC voltage. For sure I think we have multiple pulses so giving various phases supperimposed on one another (well that is my take on the effect!).

Charging caps is very quick at high voltage and a very low amp draw on the battery (30ma for a charge of 400v on a large 60mf 440v cap in 1sec).

Now as the Dr. said to me, charge a 2FARAD cap and have the circuit self run. My problem is the 2 or more farad cap at over 12v. I am thinking of building one very big cap, but I need a good, cheap and easy design

For those who want to talk to me on skype the name is centraflow.


P.S. after charging the cap bank and short the cap, the noise is increadible and a flame of at least 1cm, nearley cut a screw driver in half
are you trying to replicate Richard Willis device from magnacoaster ?