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Hi Mike, great work m8! But i am sorry to hear about your other problems.

As an interim solution until a viable replacement comes along, do you think larger & higher amp hour rated lead-acid batts would help there in these cases of "too much return energy"? Maybe even truck "high cranking amp" models verses the usual desired marine-style "Deep Cycles"?

In terms of "cost" and "availability", SLA's would still be the ideal for the home researchers, if they can still allow for better efficiency figures. The bigger sized "exotics" can still be darned pricey (although in a few years when EV's hit the market in strength, they should lower considerably).

For an Instititute or University who is looking to replicate this though.. they could afford them and to try several types for best results. Maybe this is already happening, lol? Lets hope so, and that we get to hear of the results (...that would only be fair).

Lol, but that particular kind of "issue" is one we can deal with