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Just a point that I have found. To maintain a battery at its max voltage (potencial) the load can not be greater than the battery ability to transform and absorb the return energy, whatever the return power. I have found that you can return more power than the battery can transform, but, the excess energy is lost, I do not know where, but it IS LOST!!!!!

If we are to have a good energy extraction and maintain the input, we have to look at a different buffer for that energy other than a battery (lead acid).

What we need is an accumulator and convertor of energy, anybody have GOOD suggestions as to what we can use? May be the latest lithion iron batteries would be best as they charge very very quickly (10min). The quicker a battery absorbs the energy the better. Or as I have found, we can use caps. I can fill 60mf 440v caps in micro secounds and blow a 240v 60w bulb. So a circuit to extract the energy from the cap at 50-60Hz when the pulse to the cap is at 0v would I think do the job, can someone design a circuit for this. Harvey? just a thought.