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IT is recorded

Originally Posted by witsend View Post
Mike - so sorry to have missed this. Crashed out there and missed the Skype message. Do hope there'll be a rerun.
Hi Rosemary, it is short about 1hr or more, but it is recorded and you can see it if you go to the site.

I am having again problems after doing this, I am pulling my hair out here but I will not let this stop me. I will be away for this next week as I have various meetings and another exhibition to do.

I will keep you informed as much as possible, I will have my portable computor with me and in the hotel i can log in.

Can you believe the intrusion I am suffering at the moment, I can't, it is like something out of James Bond movies!!!!!!!!! Please in some form or other save all you can of my posts, videos, streaming etc.

It has taken me more than 4hrs to connect again on the internet!!!!

I have cleaned my hard disk, what a waste of time, they will do what ever they want, who ever they are, I AM FURIOUSE, ALTO. I will fight to the END, and I am ARMED so beware.

What we are doing is in it's infance at the moment, I suppose they think they can snub this before we get too far advanced. Paranoid, may be, but until it happens to you, you do not realise how real it is.

I will keep you posted as much as possible