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Arrow The importance of Spirulina!

Hi eveyrone,

Spirulina is the key to allowing the brain to have enough very absorbable aminos in order to create the connections corresponding to the instructions that the PATHS technology delivers. If not enough gasoline, the engine won't run right and will just bog down.

It is absolutely CRUCIAL to make sure than anyone starting the modules are on a minimum of 4 GRAMS of spirulina daily for at least the first week. After that, they can get a feel if they need more or less. But it is better they have a little more than they need to PREVENT getting bogged down and thinking the technology doesn't work. The fact they get bogged down with not enough shows that the technology not only works, but has a powerful effect on the brain/mind.

Some people only need about 2-3 grams daily and some need up to 12 grams daily. Everyone is different.

Tablets and capsules are usually 500mg each so 8 per day would be 4 grams daily. Powder, they'll just have to follow the suppliers instructions on how much is 4 grams.

I recommend taking some 30 minutes before breakfast and also some 30 minutes before lunch and they can also take some 30 minutes before dinner. The 30 minutes before hand is so the body can fully absorb the aminos without competing for absorption with food in their stomach. It is a good idea to take it with at least 8 ounces of water each time.

As a general rule, it is good that they take several 8 oz glasses of water daily because the brain needs a lot of water anyway.

For most people, it is a very healthy thing to fast 3 hours after dinner before going to bed without snacking. Then the last thing before brushing the teeth before going to bed and turning out the lights is to take some spirulina. When the stomach is empty right before bed and you're not eating any food, take some with 8 oz of water and it is VERY VERY absorbable. There is a benefit here. The body repairs itself most in deep DELTA sleep and the brain gets in that state about 4-6 times throughout the night in every sleep stage that repeats. In that state, the body can use the spirulina to help build some muscle isn't a large volume of protein but because of the absorbability, it is useful. Also, when sleeping the brain unravels a lot of the daily activities, etc... and makes use of the PATHS instructions and having some spirulina before bed on an empty stomach by fasting 3 hours after dinner can do wonders.

This is very recommended especially for anyone on the Take It Off module for weight loss. If anyone wants to lose weight, fasting 3 hours after dinner and taking a dose of spirulina with 8 oz of water as the last thing before turning out the lights is a booster.

Anyway, never underestimate the power of spirulina in conjunction with PATHS. Even if someone is health conscious and they think they are already on a good diet, it is your job to ensure them that they still need it.
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