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im attaching this file, please look at it carefully.

this is in regards to magnetism. according to our current understanding, it only LOOKS like opposite poles are attracting in a magnet because it is not currently known what is going on. there are TWO different etheric "materials" being distributed in a magnet, what we call (-) negative and (+) positive. (actually there are three, but that isnt important right now, and later you will see how this directly reflects the three levels of consciousness)

when the positive side of a magnet is in close proximity of an opposite pole, that positive etheric material isnt even looking at the negative, in fact they pass right through each other (ying/yang), what it really is looking at is the other side of the magnet, and follows the direction of positive etheric flow. (path of least resistance)
that is how two magnets can essentially become one, and still only have two poles.

magnets are a direct observable proof of the Ether. they are also a TYPE of superconductor. elemental nature of a typical magnet dictates its specific superconductive traits. EVERY element can display superconductive properties if "stroked" under the right conditions. copper has its superconductor abilities, as does, iron, as does gold, etc.

this is why Tom Bearden's explanation of a magnet being 90 degrees out of phase with a dipole will spit out energy forever (if the dipole isnt destroyed in the process) a magnet is an etheric accelerator of electron action(vibration) in one direction, and an electron decelerator in the opposite direction. this explains why magnets can be used for chokes.

look at the diagram, you will see. (sorry it is a rough sketch)
i drew this last year

darn it, the file is too big. ill have to send it to aaron to upload it.


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