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hi Aaron ...

I was explaining the Law of Attraction to my sister last night .... and was so proud to present the example of the magnets to her to further prove it ... coz she kept on telling me "but how can you suddenly change the law of the universe that we have always believed in, and that is: 'Opposites Attract' !!! as we all know it !!" .... and that is when i rushed with the magnets example..

she was convinced with that ... but asked me further .... how do you explain males and females attracting each other then .. ?? aren't those opposites ??

I can say that I found no answer to that at that specific moment, but I was sure .. 100000% sure that there is an explanation to that from the point of view of our LOA .... can you please help with the answer Aaron ...

many Thanks.

Love & Gratitude, Lama
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