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Hello Darling Ones,

As more and more of you delightful people are joining this forum, I am sure that many of you are becoming aware of the PATHS technology for the first time... Some of you may even be considering purchasing some modules, but may be unsure where to begin. I just want to pop in here with some thoughts for you to ponder and hope that my comments help you with your decisions...

My late mother always used to say "People don't change, they just get more so." and for many years I believed she was spot on in that statement. But ever since I began on my spiritual journey, I have come to feel that Mom's statement is not totally correct (sorry Mom! )! The fact is that many people live unconsciously and never realize that they are exquisitely powerful creators. They never realize that their negative thoughts and attitudes are attracting that which they do not want into their lives and they grow more and more negative and unhappy as their lives progress. But there are those of us who DO wish to change and grow and be willing to use our Powerful Creative Energy to create the joyous and abundant lives we all deserve and PATHS is THE most wonderous and remarkable tool to accomplish that goal in a rapid manner.

But one must be willing to look deep within and ask themselves if they truly DO want to change. Many people are consumed by a strong ego and would really rather be right than happy. And many of these people are skeptical about, not only the PATHS technology, but also about the New Biology, quantum physics, the Law of Attraction etc. and don't really believe that we all have the powerful ability to create all that we desire with our minds. I suggest that those people who find themselves locked within this limited mind-set are perhaps unlikely to experience as profoundly the amazing wonders that the PATHS technology can provide, as those who live consciously and are eager to experience a life of joy and abundance.

I have been a PATHS affiliate for many months now and I have delighted in MOST of my customers, who, at least initially, have consulted with me about the PATHS products and the technology. The interesting thing is, there have been a few customers who I knew intuitively from the get-go, would be the type who were unwilling to let go of their ego and allow for the transfomation of their limiting beliefs, and in each case, I was correct in my intuition. These individuals were expecting to do nothing but watch their modules and never considered that the whole kit-and-kaboodle of transformation is a PROCESS that one must consciously observe in order for the transformations to occur as profoundly as they can with PATHS. Because of this experience, I have set an intention to NOW only attract customers that have looked within themselves and are truly desiring the delicious changes that PATHS can quickly help with.

For those of you who HAVE looked within and have decided to try the PATHS technology, your next step is to choose an affiliate that you resonate with. All that you really need to do is ask yourself which one "feels good" to you and your Self will tell you the answer. Always trust the answer that your Self tells you as it is NEVER wrong. Keep in mind that many of us prefer to connect with you via email or telephone in order to advise you of the perfect module choices for you to begin with, as well as help you with other questions. Sometimes this means that you may need to share some personal thoughts in order for us to serve you in the best way that we can. You want to be able to feel comfortable with your affiliate as you do this.

One last thought....I always advise my customers to join this forum and really look to the plethora of information that is found here. The ESM Resource Library is filled with fabulous info as well as free binaural beat soundtracks that enhance the effectiveness of the PATHS modules. And each and every day the members here are sharing more and more information that helps us all in our personal transformations as we seek a more enlightened, joyful and abundant journey on this planet and beyond. Not only that, but you will have MUCH FUN here as well!!!

If any of you have any questions about PATHS or wish to view what the technology looks like, please feel free to post here on this thread and one of us will be more than happy to assist you! In the meantime...

May you All Be Blessed...In All Ways.

With Much Love and Gratitude,


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