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Ahh, but there are so many interesting things. Recently I saw something written in words which for the first time really explain how I often look at things. The reason why I am asking stupid questions like how exactly a transformer coil is working It was called (Tesla ???) secret code of invention.

1) You have to look.
2) Then you have to look at yourself looking.
3) Then you have to move away and look again
- from far, at yourself looking at yourself looking
- and the complete environment.

You have to be objective - meaning also you have to be able to look from
at least THREE sides at any subject. Failing to look from three directions
will mean you only have a two dimentional picture - and you failed to look.

Now about the galaxy: @sucahyo, there is still one connection you did not make!

Keep an image of the galaxies in your mind and have another look at various photos of Nikola Tesla in his famous lab. In particular where he is sitting in the midst of electric streamers - reading a book.

? ? ?
Therefore we need to find NEW ways, NEW experiments and NEW lines of thoughts.
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