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I'm not sure whos all out there listening.... I have found that a magnetic switch in a wand can give you feedback on the workings of the motor. It has shown me a few flaws in my motor as far a symmetry. I have more magnetism coming out between different sets of coils. I believe I am seeing the south spike coming out between the coils as my light connected to the magnetic swith has different intensities with different poisitioning around the motor. If I place the switch on the core of my coils I get different light intensities around the rotor. My charge batteries have been charging at an average of 150% C.O.P., sometimes more, sometimes less.. Im not saying Im getting more total energy out than in, becasuse my power source is still plugged into the wall.. I hope to generate some interest on this posting again as my brother and I have come up with some good stuff. I am the designer and my brother builds all this stuff.


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