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Hello, I am a new builder myself. I have a comment about the batteries that will not charge above 12.5 Do you have them connected in parellel across the output? Or do you charge 1 at a time? I have found that the batteries, if charged one at a time, will charge faster than if charged in parellel. That said, it has been my experience that these batteries will come to a plateau when being charged, say 12.45 volts, this is when I stop the charger and let the batteries sit for about an hour and then discharge them using the c20 rate. After it is are discharged, (not below 12.2), I stop the load test. I then wait for the battery to sit for about an hour, then start charging it again. If your motor is running correctly, and it doesn't look to be a bad setup, the batteries will start taking on more and more of a charge. After several charge and discharge iterations the battery will begin to increase its top charge plateau. I figure, and I am no expert, when they have recieved their top charge voltage when the batterey voltage tops out. I started with my batteries at 9 volts.. they desulfated, and held a charge at 12.25 volts. After 20 cycles as described above the batteries are now charging to 12.65. They now continue to climb. Hope this helps... I have 6 coils around a 6 magnet rotor, with the same configuration as you, All my coils are trifilar wound with one trigger for all. As for you other questions I'll have to think about cause I only know so much.

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