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I know this is an old post but I have recently started looking into the are of farming and food production. Anyway...

In “Bread From Stones” it’s interesting that the author doesn’t really recommend the use of manure - calling it a "makeshift" (see from page 89).

Earlier in the book (from page 39), he talked about the ammonia content of manure and the problems it can cause.

He states that there is still benefit in using it (but not for the nitrogen content), especially when rock minerals are added.

The author also cover the use of fish waste fertilisers as not being worth their merit.

As I was reading the book it struck me that the situation will also arise in aquaponics systems where plants extract the fish waste and turn it into “food” for growth. I know it's an over simplification of the process - i.e. nitrogen cycle and how plants grow.

But from what I've seen of some aquaponics setup's, there's not much in the way of added fertilisation and when there is it's the NPK type fertilisers.

I hope the above makes sense as my thought process is connecting dots in two different fields.
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