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Hi Bryan ~

If you will like to see what a PATHS module or theater presentation looks like, I will be happy to give you my sign-on and password info to view mine.

However, because each theater presentation is programmed specifically for the registered user, you will not receive any of the intended benefits by using it.

I can understand your skepticism - my husband, Raymond, was also very skeptical and could not understand how PATHS could work as well as it does. Because so many people are naturally skeptical, PATHS offers an unconditional money back guarantee for the first two months. You can visit any PATHS website for the specifics.

Another point I can add, I know that of the thousands of people who have signed up for PATHS, only a very small number have felt it was not beneficial for them and asked for a refund.

Ultimately, it is a personal decision as to whether this is something you think may benefit you and enhance your life or if you prefer other methods
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