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less than a novice.

Good day to all.
I really enjoy reading this forum. And i'd like to thank everyone for the great knowledge that is being passed on here. Can't say i've read every post yet.. But I will get to it.

I'm putting together my first bedini replica. I'm not at all an electrician.
Not joking about the electrician part.
but I fell in love with the idea of the Bedini ssg motor.

So I've put one together. For the moment it has 4 coils, two that are bi wound coils and two that are single wound coils.
One of the bi wound coils has two slave coils that tie into the same transistor.

The motor runs at around 300 rpm +/- . I can run it faster (I've had it up to around 600rpm) but it doesn't seem to help, only runs down the battery faster.
I have 1 7.5aH battery that I use for running. And three 600aH batteries that I charge.
The 7.5aH battery will charge to 13.8-14+ voltage, the 600aH batteries I haven't been able to get over 12.5 volts.
The solo bi wound coil pulls 130 milliamps (haven't tested yet what it gives on the other end.), the bi wound coil with two slaves pulls 135 milliamps, and puts out 70-75 milliamps. I haven't yet done the 1 ohmn test.
So anyway that's a little info on my system.
Here are a couple questions I have.
first does each coil need it's own circuit or is it fine the way I have it running where three coils run on the same circuit. Does it actually put out more potential if each coil has it's own circuit. I understand that not every coil needs a trigger coil.
Second question, How do you know when a battery has taken every thing it can and is charged.
and Third, does having more than one pulse coil on each coil actually give more potential current.
I'd like to get the system up to charging the 600 ah batteries a little faster and also higher than 12.5 volts.
I must say I am very impressed with the motors ability to salvage bad batteries as the three 600 ah batteries that I have all sat at 5 volts and would loose any charge you put in them in less than two hours know they hold 12.5 indefinitely.
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