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What is that?

1. Yes I agree, There are some questions about that thing. Looks like a what?
I think a wheatstone bridge is a air cap for radio freq tuning. Hummm. That kinda makes a lot of sense! Wow. This may be a way to tune Cody's Plasma too.

2. I grabbed all the related information about the last of the generator circuit from all the information I could find. I put it all in My Replication Journal PDF Page 25

3. I had wrestled with that many times. I thought about contacting Patrick Kelly for a couple of weeks about the phrase "on the circuits page". I decided not to because Don had mentioned Nicola Tesla's book By Thomas Commerford Martin, these are directly from that book. I figured came from Don himself.
Also, every device Don has displayed, nearly everything Nicola Tesla did used caps, spark gaps and a transformer or two. To me this all fits nicely. Again pg 25

I.ll send and updated version "My Replication Journal PDF". I am not changing the name, you do it to keep them seperate if you like. Let me know if it's becomming any help to you.

Thank you for the comment.


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