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Caps /uF?s


Thank you for reading through my doc.
I have wrestled with understanding that a lot.

I think I may be building my own so I will start with .034 uF and see what that will do for storage. See if I can get the timming down to 60 or 120 Hz.
I'll put the spark gap in and try one with grounding and one without on the L-2 and see what the readings come out like. Freq. volts and gamma. All I need is 24 gamma. I'll have to order the resistor for L-2. and the IT. I am going to stuff 240 volts into my IT so this operation is not going to be a joke.
I don't have any varistors yet and I have to get the circuit breaker box wired up also. for this thing to be clean. I think I can use only one ground rod for the whole thing. Don did with the briefcase and it has what 5 or 6 grounds connections. Varistors, timming things, and whatever connected there.

Crudely lets look at this, My output transformer will handle between 9 and 16 HP, per watt measurment "734 watts". That is a pretty good rating.
If Don's writing is correct, lets say 600 joules each cap, lets say three.
The kenetic energy in each one of these caps is equal to a 45 calliber shell being fired. pritty high. yea that only equates to about 1800 volts for the storage tank. excluding the L-1. I just do not know yet.
Then lets look at the 40,000 volts. When I get my gauss meter and Electrostatic voltmeter and learn how to use them, I'll be ahead of the curve.
To me, thoes seem to all be kind of equal?
I do not know.

I have to build the caps first, then I will have a better Idea how things work.

I'll say it here because it is not in the doc. yet. Don states, it is our ignorance of measuring electrostatic voltages and gauss readings that is lacking in our understanding of electricty. I may need to buy the book he referanced on the subject before I can figure it out, we'll see.

Did you get an Illuma storm?

ok buddie thanks again

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