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Capacitors in plasma globe Picture

This thing keeps bugging me. I too have had questions about what you said, so I went to Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - Your Source for Capacitor Solutions
This is the direct supplier of some of Don's Caps and other related supplies.

I talked to an engineer there, he sent me a CD of the caps they make there.
I am not quite ready for a total emersion on this subject just yet. I will soon after my test equipment comes in. My anxiety is quite high. Also, I am trying to beat out everyone on the gauss meter auction.

I know absolutely nothing about what I am doing in this field. I am simply trying to read the directions and construct an assembly process.

As you have probably noticed by now my referances are different from yours.
more than two 5,000 V or more and 34 uF as many uF as possible which facilitates easier manipulation of frequency with the resistor.

It states that smith uses more than 2 30uf caps rated at 4000V.
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