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Sounds like we are right about at the same place on the build, except i havnt ordered all those meters, but i would like to I was intending to use a spark plug for the spark gap too. It should probally be a plug that dosnt have a resistor in it or one with the resistor removed. I would say that the capacitors are an important part of the circuit and would suggest not leaving them out, but it wont hurt to play around of course. I think that there is a big typo in the pdf with the plasma globe instructions. It states that smith uses more than 2 30uf caps rated at 4000V. There is no way thats right, if you look at the picture of his globe you will see 4 small caps that are no were near big enough to meat those specs. If you have done any work with tesla coils you will know the huge difference adding capacitance to the spark gap makes. I would love to see your pdf.

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