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great antenna...

I haven't played around with the 7 coils I made up a whole lot as yet but last night I was working with another coil set up and the "what if" kicked in..

I connected it to the little oscillator I had, running at 2.7mHz and found it puts out a very large field. It easily lights a series of 12 LED's on an AV plug without any connection. I was driving the center coil with only 1 wire and the outer 6 coils were wired in series - all connected or basically shorted. Kind of interesting as it would light just about anything on the table connected to an LED... and as well you could touch anything metal with an "LED on a stick" ( LED with an AV plug) and it would light.

I removed it from the circuit and installed another coil I've been working with ( standard nothing fancy ) and connected the Hubbard arrangment to the scope and moved it around the area the scope leads would reach. It seems to be an excellent antenna this way as well.

After shutting down the circuit I had the hubbard arrangement still connected to the scope and noticed some really small hatching in the line and adjusted the voltage... it was still picking up something in the area and showed a rather choppy sine wave of about a 1.5 volt p-p. It's quite possible it was picking up the CFL running overhead. Interesting none the less... almost 8ft away from the CFL and oscillating at 1.5 volt. One heck of an antenna, and a uniqe air core transformer.

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